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Cellaris develops, manufactures and markets revolutionary ceramic foams capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, up to 1,750°C (3,200°F).

These non-fibrous, highly-porous, ultra-light ceramic products, registered under the trade name of Lite-Cell®, are produced by a unique, proprietary and patented technology that is based on sol-gel chemistry.


Cellaris' groundbreaking technology for producing ceramic foams provides the next-generation platform for the multi-billion dollar market of high-temperature applications, including: furnace insulation, kiln furniture, burner blocks, fuel cells and heating elements. Other industrial uses include catalytic supports, filtration media, aviation and combustion systems.

Cellaris together built and commissioned an industrial pilot plant at the Bar-Lev Industrial Park in northern Israel. As part of a joint venture with a strategic partner, Cellaris has moved its industrial pilot plant to India.

Cellaris' website:

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