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Xenia Venture Capital 

Since 2012 Tal Menipaz serves as the chairman of Xenia Venture Capital, a hi-tech investment company publicly traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 

Xenia, togther with Van Leer Ventures, operates in Jerusalem a technological incubator - Van Leer Xenia Ventures (VLX Ventures), that is engaged in the initiation and build-up of innovative start up companies in Israel, in the fields of information technology, medical devices and industrial appilcations, as well as any combination between them. The combined track record of Xenia and Van Leer Ventures has over 80% of follow-up investments for their repsecitve portfolio companies, accumulating to more tahn $130M.

Xenia offers a novel vehicle for investment in early stage hi-tech companies, a unique combination of a public vehicle with venture capital activity and a technological incubator. In the framework of the incubator, Xenia benefits from its partneership with Van leer Ventures as well as government funding for each of its invested companies, under the program of privatized incubators of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the State of Israel.

In addition to financing, Xenia provides its companies with mentoring, business and strategic counseling, fund raising assistance and exit planning, as well as basic infrastructure and peripheral services (finance & accounting, logistics, office support, etc), enabling entrepreneurs to operate cost-effectively and to concentrate on advancement of their early stage venture.

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