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Success Stories 

Sintec Media

Sintec Media developed and sales all-in-one broadcast management software system. Sintec Media was acquired by Riverwood Capital during 2011.


​MediaGuide developed a novel tracking and imaging solution intended for minimal invasive surgical procedures. MediGuide was acquired by St. Jude Medical at the end of 2009.



Octalica developed a unique home networking solution over coaxial cable. Octalica was acquired by the Broadcom Corporation during 2007.  



Babylon provides online and offline dictionary and translation software for millions of customers across the world. Babylon went public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2007.    


Sightline developed miniature optical and video systems as well as flexible endoscopes for the gastrointestinal market. Sightline was acquired by the Stryker Corporation during 2006.

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