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Common Sense

Common Sense is a privately owned company located in Caesarea, Israel. The vision of the founders of Common Sense was to develop the future panty-liner that would monitor vaginal health for women everywhere.

Intense R&D over the course of the last decade has resulted in 3 generations of technology being developed which has materialized into a range of diagnostic products for daily use that ameliorate the monitoring of women's vaginal and urinary tract health.



Common Sense's technologies are also implemented in products that enable the prevention of pre-term deliveries by indicating possible vaginal BV infection during the final phase of pregnancy, and to detect amniotic fluid leaks during the final phase of pregnancy. Common Sense has preformed over 20 clinical studies, both in Israel and the US, monitoring over 2,000 patients.  


Common Sense's globally certified products are marketed worldwide to hospitals, professional health care providers as well as end-users as OTC products in over 20 countries, including the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

​Common Sense's website:​



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