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Lithotech Group

Lithotech Group is a world leader in innovative production and development of invasive medical devices based on Nitinol Alloy (NiTi) and applications of Nano-Pulse technology for Lithotripsy and other medical usage.

The invasive medical devices Lithotech produces are based on an alloy of Nickel and Titanium wires that have unique properties such as super-elasticity and shape memory capabilities. Lithotech's technology is based on the unique know-how of one of the world's leading research centers for solid state physics and material properties.




Presently, Lithotech's products have various medical applications, including urology, cardiology as well as other surgical medical devices, all of these medical devices are produced in Lithotech's state-of-the-art facility located in northern Israel.

Lithotech maintains a commercial and strategic relationship with leading medical device companies and R&D centers. These relationships enable Lithotech to develop additional innovative medical devices, as well as market and sell its products via the marketing and distributions channels of these companies.

​​Lithotech's website:

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