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Tri-logical Technologies 

Founded in 1994, Tri-logical develops, supplies, supports and maintains management solutions for civilian, security and military organizations.


Tri-logical integrates its products with cellular/wireless communications components, GPS, mobile peripheral equipment, sensors and controllers, to provide both “off the shelf systems” and "tailor-made" solutions to meet the customer's needs.

These solutions are marketed to police, armed forces, special forces, public safety forces, military and civilian command & control centers, cellular providers, organizations that manage fleets of vehicles, service companies, public transportation providers, telemetry, users and security service providers firms. 

Tri-logical's multidisciplinary staff of employees combines expertise in hardware and software design, IT systems, architecture design and DB administration. Its combined expertise in telemetry, cellular and wireless communication is second to none in the market today.

Tri-logical clientele includes some of the largest organizations in Israel, as well as international law enforcement agencies and port authorities. Among Tri-logical clients are: Israeli Airports Authority, Israeli Air Force, Israeli Defense Force, Airports in South Africa, Israeli National Ambulatory Service, Israeli Railway Authority and a secret police of an undisclosed European country. 

Tri-logical's website:​  


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